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3D radiation pattern measurements

Spark & Roberts has the capabilities and tools in house to perform full 3D radiation pattern measurements of either individual antenna designs, or of full end-products.


2.4GHz Metal Stamped Antenna Integrated in Shield with Diversity

This is an example diversity antenna design that is part of a metal shield.

The entire design is stamped and folded out of one piece of metal. The shield measures approximately 25mm x 25mm.

Miniature 1.9GHz Printed Monopole Antenna with Integrated Transformer

The required form factor only allowed for a low impedance antenna. To provide for a wideband match to the system impedance, a printed transformer was made part of the design (on the inner layers).

5.8GHz Printed Monopole Antenna

This is an example printed monopole antenna

The folded end provides for a smaller form factor (due to the physical folding and due to the additional capacitance created by having the end closer and more parallel to the ground plane).

2.4GHz Printed Antenna with Diversity and special feed

This is an example printed antenna design with diversity.

The special feed method exhibits a wider bandwidth.

Dual Band Printed Diversity Antenna

This is an example dual band (2.4GHz and 5GHz) printed antenna with diversity.

Its small form factor is partly realized by the double sided structure.

2.4GHz Printed Antenna with Diversity

This is an example diversity antenna configuration, operating in the 2.4GHz ISM band.

It is miniaturized by folding the open end of the PIFA. Because of the higher electric field at these nodes, the effect of folding has a strong influence on the antenna tuning, so careful design must be exercised.

While the antenna spacing is close, antenna diversity gain is still acceptable. This is mainly obtained through polarization differences.