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Antenna Design Services

Is your product suffering from poor wireless performance (e.g. insufficient range at some/all angles)? Does your product pose particular challenges to antenna design/placement (e.g. in case of metallic sides)? The Antenna Design Services are intended to address exactly these items, ensuring optimum wireless performance of your product. An off-the-shelf antenna can be made suitable to your particular design, or a custom antenna design can be developed.

Analyzing end-product 3D radiation patterns (gain and polarization, both in simulation and real-life measurements) and correlating with system-level QoS requirements, antenna designs are developed that ensure optimum wireless performance.

Among other services, Spark & Roberts offers the following:

  • Printed antenna design and simulation (using full structure fast FDTD simulator)
  • In-house full 3D radiation pattern measurements (see here)
  • Standalone antenna design
  • Custom enclosure antenna design (e.g. in case of metallic enclosures)
  • Antenna tuning (including preventing common mode impedance), e.g. when using an off-the-shelf antenna that may be detuned by your product's enclosure
  • Antenna radiation pattern measurements and wireless coverage optimization
  • Antenna gain and efficiency measurements
  • Multipath performance optimization (e.g. by optimizing cross polarization)
  • Antenna diversity gain optimization
  • Regulatory certification

Some samples can be found here.

Please feel free to contact Spark & Roberts about any of your antenna requirements!