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Services - Module Level (PCB)

Spark & Roberts has a wealth of experience in the design and optimization of wireless products.

In regards to the product level activities, the following services can be offered (please feel free to contact Spark & Roberts about your requirements!):

  • wireless performance optimization:
    • antenna selection, placement, tuning, optimization
    • PCB RF tuning
    • system architecture level, baseband parameters (e.g. Matlab, measurements)
  • (printed) antenna design and optimization (some samples here)
  • (discrete) RF design, e.g. Bluetooth RF PA optimized for linearity and power consumption
  • RF module PCB (multi-layer, BGA, multi-chip-module, flip-chip, micro-assemblies...) design and development (samples HERE)
    • FR4, BT
    • Ceramic (Al2O3, AlN)
    • Prototype services (PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly, test)
    • RF design using PUFF, FDTD 3D structure simulator
  • radiated emissions testing, regulatory pre-scans (>1GHz), EMC, FCC/ETSI
  • identification of emission source location and optimization (e.g. minimizing radiation from clock/bus sources, RF harmonics optimization, etc.)
  • failure analysis, production yield optimization

Spark & Roberts has full in-house capabilities and tools to support the above activities:

  • spectrum analyzer for e.g. emissions testing
  • reference antennas for e.g. antenna gain measurement, emissions testing
  • network analyzer for e.g. antenna optimization and PCB RF tuning
  • near-field RF probes to locate emission sources, to measure antenna current distribution and to identify ground loops
  • digital oscilloscope and logic analyzer
  • antenna structure simulator (FDTD)
  • RF simulator to investigate PCB RF characteristics
  • PCB desig tools (schematic, layout, gerber, signal integrity)
  • system level simulation software

Through third parties, Spark & Roberts offers the following additional services:

  • radiation pattern measurements
  • certification/compliance testing
  • production test development