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3D radiation pattern measurements

Spark & Roberts has the capabilities and tools in house to perform full 3D radiation pattern measurements of either individual antenna designs, or of full end-products.


PLL Residual FM measurement and Optimization

PLL residual FM was measured with a time domain modulation analyzer.

The effect of optimization (power supply decoupling, different crystal loading topology, charge pump current settings) was verified and found to provide a significant performance improvement.

Vintage Impedance Measurement

This vintage setup displays a slotted line together with a standing wave indicator. These can be used to measure the impedance of a DUT to well beyond 10GHz.

Spectrum Analyzer

This R&S Spectrum Analyzer is used during pre-scan measurements, transmitter quality testing, baseband performance testing, etc.

RF absorber

Spark & Roberts utilizes different kinds of RF absorbers to measure the antenna radiation pattern, during pre-scan measurements as well as other measurements requiring attenuated RF reflections.

6GHz Portable Network Analyzer

This Agilent network analyzer can be used for impedance matching, antenna tuning verification, antenna coupling, filter performance, etc.

It is portable, so can also be used for any on-site troubleshooting / optimization requirements.

Nearfield probes

These probes are used to locate sources of (unwanted) emissions, but can also be used to troubleshoot antenna common mode impedance issues ("cable radiation") and other current distributions affecting radiation performance.

Horn Reference Antenna

This horn antenna is a calibrated reference that can be used for wideband emissions testing (>1GHz), such as unwanted harmonics/spurious in pre-scan testing.

High Frequency Active Probe

This probe can be used to sample sensitive HF/RF signals without significantly loading the signal, thereby maintaining signal integrity and accuracy.

Coax Devices

These are some sample coaxial devices that are used during measurements (from left to right: step attenuator, coupler, Rodostub tuner).